As more and more Americans are experiencing an expanding waistline, more people are becoming interested in new methods of weight loss. It is a well known fact that extreme weight loss can greatly reduce the risk of death, as well as so many other dire health conditions, in severely obese persons. But did you know that the ‘average weight’ person can benefit from weight loss as well?

By following a strategic nutritional program, you can not only extend your life span, but you can reduce your cholesterol, improve respiratory function, increase your stamina, and reduce fatigue as well.

Many people struggle to follow a strict nutritional program. Reduced calorie diets can be hard to follow as a weight loss strategy for compulsive over eaters, as an example. It is important to remember to take any plan in small steps. Trying to force yourself to follow a strict diet as part of your nutritional plan can actually backfire and cause you to lose your willpower. Instead, ask for your doctor’s or personal trainer’s advice as to what type of weight loss program will be best for you.

Most people find it much easier to stick to their nutritional program if they start small. Set your goal at, say, one pound per week. This smaller weight loss goal can usually be achieved by simply skipping second helpings at meal times, and walking a couple of times each week.

Before you begin any program, it is important that you talk to your physician to determine how much, if any, weight loss is healthy for your body. Remember, the key to successful weight loss is merely a matter of resetting your mindset. Knowing that you want to be healthy is the most vital ingredient in any recipe for success.

Source by John Caylor


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