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Baked Potato for Cocktail Side Dish

Baked Potato Dish

A Nice Backed potato dish, which can be prepared as a side dish whilst you are having a cocktail or as a snack for your evening time. It needs only 3 key ingredients, that are pepper, salt and potatoes.

Baked Potato for Cocktail Side Dish Baked Potato for Cocktail Side Dish Print This
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  • Two or three medium size potatoes
  • 2-3 cups of vinegar
  • Pepper Powder - as per taste
  • Salt - as per taste


  • Peel the potatoes and slice them into small layers.
  • Place the potato slices in to a glass bowl and pour vinegar to cover the slices.
  • Let the potatoes soaked in the vinegar for about 15-20 Minutes.
  • Take the potatoes out and let them dry for about 5 minutes, and add salt, pepper.
  • Bake the potato slices in a pre-heated oven @ 175oC for about 30 Minutes.
  • The side dish is ready and you can serve it along with a sauce / ketchup bowl.
  • Enjoy !.


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It is easy to prepare and super tasty.

Watch the video guide below for easy understanding and step by step instructions.

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