Basic Salad Decoration - how to make simple salad | 3 Salad Recipes for lunch dinner & functions

Why salad decoration ?

The salad can be identified as a very delicious food item  But if the salad decoration has not been done properly, then the people will be hesitating to try the salad no matter how delicious it is. Therefore it is important to understand on how to do a proper salad decoration.

What should I consider ?

Before you get started on the decoration part of the salad, you must first understand the purpose and the audience of the salad. If you have prepared a nice salad targeting the high end consumers or luxury audience, then giving a cheap decoration will not give you the expected results. Therefore, you must make sure you apply the proper salad dressing / decoration techniques in order to achieve the best.

In the other hand, if you have a normal salad but it has a premium salad decoration and it can attract more audience. So, we must always consider on this point from the start to end, in order to get best results.

What should and what should not to be done ?

The salad decoration is not just a “thing” but, an art. Therefore, to do a nice salad decoration you need to have creativity. With a nice creativity ideas, you can easily turn any type of salad, to match the occasion. If you don’t have a decent level of creativity, you will not be achieve the expectations. as an example, if it is a salad prepared for lunch, you must make the dressings & decorations and accordingly.

Therefore, it is not recommended to over decorate the salad or to under decorate the salad.You must understand the exact extend of decoration needed. Also, you must understand how long the decoration must exist. If you don’t have a proper idea on this, then it will be very hard to give the best results to your audience.

Nevertheless, given below is a video which was found from you tube explaining the basics of salad decoration. Hope you will like it.

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