➳ My two favourite smoothies! Dairy free, healthy and super easy to make! Leave me a comment letting me know if you like these types of videos and would like more 🙂

I am not one of those super healthy people – I don’t add chia or any of that to my smoothies and I don’t eat quinoa or only raw food! This is honestly about as healthy as I get 🙂

Thanks to Ally for filming this! ♡


The smoothies are very popular among people as they are very easy to make and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Also, they do consist lots of nutritious ingredients and helps to keep us fresh. If you are planning for healthy breakfast recipes it is always better to have some for a smoothie as well.

Type of Smoothies and which one is better ?

When it comes to types of smoothies, you may see many variations of smoothies are available and more new variations are coming in everyday. Therefore, it is a very difficult to answer which one is good. Also, the taste and favorites are vary from one to another. So, it is upto the user to try and decide which one is best for him or her. If you are looking for a variation of smoothies to try at your own kitchen, here you have a list of 10 green smoothie recipes for your information.

If you are looking for smoothie made out of colorful fruits, here you can find how a nice smoothie is made out of strawberries. Likewise, you can combine different vegetables, leaves, and fruits together to make nice and tasty smoothies for your loved ones.

Smoothie Vs weight loss ?

I am into weight loss, will smoothies good for me ? this is a very common question people have. The answer to that question can be found here.




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