Shrimp? … mmmm… A lovely dish for a sea food lover.

Do you know how many recipes have developed, using shrimp as the key ingredients ?

Ok, Today we are going to share a very simple way to eat shrimp in a classy way.


You only need few ingredients.

  1. Couple of Shrimps
  2. Hot Water
  3. Salt , Pepper / Chili as per taste
  4. Lime Juice , as per taste
  5. Tomato Sauce or BBQ Sauce


Clean the shrimps, by removing their heads and washing them with cold water.

Add water to a pan, and let the water to be heat up.

Add cleaned shrimp into the warmth water, add some salt and let it cook for about 3- minutes.

Whist shrimp is in cooking mode, make sure you lower the flame level to medium to avoid over cooking.

When you see the colour of shrimp is changing to golden red / bright it is time to switch of the cooker, and separate the shrimps.

Now you can can add some salt, pepper/ chili and some lemon juice and mix them properly.

The shrimp dish is ready and you may serve it with Tomato Sauce or BBQ Sauce.

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